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Business Calls

We offer savings on all calls including local, national, international and mobiles.

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0800, 0844 & 0871 Calls

Whether 088, 0844, 0843,0871, 0845, 01204, 0161, we can build routing to best suit your needs.

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Telephone Systems Maintenance & Engineering

Our technical business knowledge will ensure we come up with the best solution for you.

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Business Broadband

Our business broadband packages are high speed, price competitive products.

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Business Calls


  • All Businesses look to drive down costs. Allow bartel to facilitate this for you.


  • Save up to 70% on your current call spend, without disruption to service or changes to quality


  • We offer savings on all calls

Local Calls
National Calls
International Calls
Mobiles Calls
0844, 0845, 0843 Calls


  • All your rates will be the best possible rates we can offer


  • High Call Alerts


  • One of our trained analysts will look at your current usage and expenditure and come up with the deal that best suits your business and maximise your savings.


For more information please call 0800 195 9011